CAL’s robust assessment tools and learning solutions help you focus your talent development efforts and accelerate growth.

Discovering & Growing HIPOs

Many believe that accurately identifying and developing HIPOs early on is one of the most important elements for organizational success – How can you accurately discover the gems in your organization and grow them to become future stars?

The abilities required to be a HIPO vary from company to company. Yet, critical for any HIPO is the drive to be successful. CAL’s psychometric tools help you to understand how people define their own successes and what drives them to achieve more.


Accelerating Career Advancement

The market is changing at a rapid pace – How can you speed up the development of your employees to sustain your winning pace?

Employees need to be the drivers of their own development. Many organizations put in place systems/processes to ensure each employee has their own individual development plan and as part of that plan, attends regular development programs. However, the key for these programs to be successful is to link the initiatives and the employees’ personal values. CAL’s tools help you to unearth those values and use them to drive development initiatives.


Ensuring Successful Transition

Many leaders fail after taking on bigger roles – How can you better prepare them for new challenges and ensure successful transitions?

To grow in an organization, one must have ability, drive and resilience. However, most organizations simply promote high performers to take bigger roles based on the traditional career ladder, without considering these factors. CAL’s psychometric tools help you gain deeper insight into all important factors for a successful transition and help to smooth the process.

Driving Employee Engagement

Most leaders are concerned with engaging employees – However, most engagement surveys are merely popularity measures that do not reveal the root causes of engagement problems – What can you do to engage your people?

To truly improve employee engagement, you need to gain a deeper understanding of what employees really need and want, and connect their personal values with the organization’s goals, thereby creating a win-win solution.

Empowering Internal Talent

Internal talent is one of your greatest assets – How can you provide them with more possibilities rather than losing them to your competitors?

Top talents often do not settle for stability. They seek greater challenges and explore new areas where they can prosper. Leveraging and empowering talents to explore opportunities internally is becoming a key strategy for many global firms today. CAL’s psychometric tools not only help your employees to understand their own deep-seated needs and values, but also move them toward affirming their long-term goals, and match their interests with the internal offerings. Their values can thus be fully actualized in the organization.


Engaging Young Talent

Young talent is the foundation of sustainable growth – How can you develop committed and passionate young talent?

Newer generations have grown up in a very different world from that of older generations. Often this has resulted in a different set of preferences for life and work. Engaging young talent must start from understanding their needs and values, if we are to guide them toward great achievement and also fulfilment, CAL’s tools help you dig deep into the drivers of both young and experienced talent.

Nurturing Employee Wellness and Growth

The nature of our current VUCA-driven world places tremendous pressure on organizations and employees – What can you do to effectively support employees and sustain organizational growth?

CAL’s psychometric tools help to decode individual differences in responding to challenges and change. With targeted efforts, organizations can put an effective EAP in place while individuals can create personalized wellness plans.


Leading Sustainable Growth

To thrive in the VUCA era, leaders need more than just ability and drive – What sustains a leader’s growth?

Continued success requires leaders to succeed and grow under tremendous stress, often necessitating a focus on wellness. CAL’s psychometric tools bring an awareness to leaders of their individual causes of stress; this helps them take control of their mental and physical wellness, freeing them to achieve more and drive sustainable growth for both individuals and organizations.


Maximizing the Power of Incentives

Rewarding effectiveness is always a major problem for HR professionals and leaders – How can you incentivize excellent results?

Many studies consider the effectiveness of different types of incentives (e.g., monetary, flexible work time and awards). However, the power of the incentive to motivate depends on the individual’s particular constellation of needs and preferences. CAL’s psychometric tools help you identify specific preferences for rewards, at both the individual and group levels. This allows you to build the most powerful reward system possible on multiple levels.

Mastering Transformation

For organizations to thrive in this volatile era, constant change must be mastered – How can you help your employees adapt successfully?

The key to organizational transformation is people. So what is stopping your employees from embracing change? Who can effectively lead successful transformation and empower others to transform themselves? CAL’s tools can help you to discover the motivations and fears of employees so you can put into place effective plans/communication and people to greatly improve the odds of successful transformations.

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