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Who We Are

CAL Talent Solutions Limited was founded by a group of organizational psychologists who share the same passion for utilizing best practices to unleash potential.

We come from different backgrounds, with extensive experience in academia, research, HR and business consulting, aiming to gauge and improve the fit between organizations and talents, uncover the fundamental drives of employees and accelerate their growth.

As scholars

We believe in rigorous research and evidence-based tools. We put to use decades of research findings to ensure that our products fully measure the uniqueness of each person. Further, we use our global networks to gather extensive data and ensure the validity of our products.

As practitioners

We focus on the utility of the tools, and ensure their practicality and user-friendliness. We have a full training kit and program in place to make certain that end-users can effectively administer the tools and interpret the results. Our reports focus on people development by increasing self-awareness and helping them grow to their fullest potential.

As a team of both scholars and practitioners, CAL holds and adheres to the belief that good talents are talents with the required Ability, Drive and Sustainability. While there are many generic assessment tools in the market, CAL fills a niche with a suite of tools that provide actionable insight with depth and precision, and which are well-researched, practicality-focused and user-friendly.

Assessment is only the first step. Many organizations fail to leverage valuable assessment results and transform them into development efforts. Our tools help leaders to select the best-fit talent, but also provide a clear direction for organizations as they go on to develop, deploy, and motivate employees.

Why CAL ?

Science & Data-Driven

Solidly grounded in cutting-edge science and empirically-derived data

Applied Focus

Based on decades of practical experience in business consulting and I-O/clinical psychology

Culturally Sensitive

Psychometric tools developed by native senior psychologists from different cultures

Addressing Root Causes

Solutions designed to precisely identify the core and root issues for sustainable advancement

Our Clients

Our Mission

To unleash potential and accelerate growth


Integrate science with best practices to achieve the best possible fit between organizations and candidates

Create sustainable results and job satisfaction by aligning the values of organizations and employees

Empower and inspire employees to continuously learn, grow and reach higher


Gain better self-insight

Unleash unique potential and accelerate growth

Bring joy to work and life

We believe that somewhere at the crossroads between science and art lies an approach that treats humans as much more than numbers on a spreadsheet and recognizes the beauty and value of individual differences.


Every person deserves a chance to bloom and flourish, and there will be a “best” place for them to do so. 


CAL is devoted to helping people and organizations find each other, so they can mutually boost and sustain each other’s growth.

For any enquiries, please contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you.
For any enquiries, please contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you.